"Good news is rare these days, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond.”

- Hunter S. Thompson

On the back of an amazing PGA Show I felt compelled to write this note, an introduction to many of you, because although you know the brand Loudmouth, you do not know the Loudmouths behind the brand and how we intend to take a very special company into the future. Again, the PGA Show was amazing. Internally, I often use the word “relief” as I had no clue what to expect and the overall feedback was incredibly positive. I thank each and every one of you that stopped by the booth to meet the team, it was a wonderful experience, and we look forward to next year. However, the one negative feedback I did receive was “lack of information” and I own that, so here we are …


Again, you know the brand but not “us”. And, we’re aware of the chaotic mumbling & gossip misinformation about us on social media. So here it is - Yes, the brand changed hands in 2021. The company was in a pretty poor state and on the verge of extinction had we not stepped in to save it. Like you, I love Loudmouth, and we are here for the long haul. I am a fashion turnaround guy and honestly, very good at my job. But outside of fashion, my first love is Golf. I grew up in Orlando, FL and played professionally after college. I would joke I was a poor professional, but it is okay, I ended up down a path merging my love for “building things” and apparel and now, golf too! So I feel like the luckiest person in the world.


But going back to what I said, Loudmouth needed some love. The website was broken, the backend with the warehouse did not work, and as many of you that love the old patterns, etc., the same number of people, if not more, reached out and admitted things had gotten stale and the brand needed a reboot. But fear not, and I do ask that give us some time and patience, what you loved about the brand will always be there, our goal is to simply make it all better. From a team standpoint, trust me, we are onto something special – new fits, new fabrics, more sophisticated content creation, etc. We now have a team that has experience at amazing brands such as Lululemon, Stance, New Era, Saks, Lord & Taylor, and we have even brought in an ex-professional golfer to the run the ambassador program and the revamped Clubhouse. These are talented people taking Loudmouth to the next level, so get excited!

And speaking of Clubhouse: you want to sign up, and the $50 one-time fee is well worth it. For those of you that do not understand, LMx is now the Clubhouse and the idea is to increase the overall customer experience, something that was not possible under the old LMx structure. The $50 fee is not for the hat, bag, or stickers but for access to something special. The first package was a hit and for those that signed up and supported us, as you know, we are hosting a special Clubhouse exclusive dinner with John Daly later this month. For those of you that skipped, your loss,  as our goal is to make it “LOUDER”. Expect random gifts, experiences (we will bring back the LOUDMOUTH golf tournaments), etc. for our members, so again, this is about being and doing more so sign up ASAP!

Another question that would be fun to address – “Why the Giraffe?”. This has 2 parts – for one, an ode to our beloved founder Woody, as the Giraffe is his favorite animal. And if you have ever met Woody, not a surprise. But beyond that, like you my LOUDMOUTHs, a Giraffe does not need to tell anyone it is special, one look and you “get it”. Did you know that each Giraffe has its own unique print? A Giraffe is truly special, a true LOUDMOUTH, and as we wanted an icon and animal to align with the brand, there you go! And if you do not have the Giraffe print, get it please. It is so so good!


I am starting to ramble a bit as this is fun (and I will work to send out a CEO letter once a quarter), but I do want to leave you all with the 2 big initiatives for 2023:


1) Custom Bait & Tackle Design Shop

2) Legend has it - the evolutionary brand


LOUDMOUTH possesses something I have never seen at another brand – the ability to design and produce fully custom clothing in a matter of weeks. If you have a special event, a team-building exercise, a wedding, a golf tournament, an HOA royal rumble, etc. we can make something unique to match your needs and whims. Visit our “Bait and Tackle” shop and get started! There are minimums to units but not creativity, so have fun!

 And then “legend has it”. This has been on the website for a few days now and I am excited to say, Loudmouth will have a sub-brand launching this summer. The brand you know and love, Loudmouth, will live on as Loudmouth Legacy with the classic LM logo and will house the Heritage golf pants, famed patterns and MTO, the custom program, and even the soon-to-launch John Daly collection. Legend has it takes it one step further. We, as a brand, are surrounded by stories and legends and we want to share them. A LOUDMOUTH is a personality – Bill Murray does not stop being Bill off the course. John is John no matter where and when and my personal favorite, Hunter S. Thompson was a misfit no matter the time and place. Be a LOUDMOUTH and with legend has it, the ability to share your spirit in all walks of life becomes attainable. So keep your eyes open!


I think that is it for today. I am already fearful I lost some of you a few paragraphs ago but a lot to share. Again, Loudmouth is getting into such a good place and although I understand some of the old guard may not like what we are doing, the reality is the brand is as healthy as it has been in a long time and we are only getting better! And with an increased spirit, new ambassadors, new prints, and a new brand, we are just getting started in 2023!