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Heritage Short 9" - Big Mouth

Heritage Short 9" - Big Mouth

 Who invited the Big Mouth?

Legend has it he almost made it to the minors but spent too much time at the Buffalo Wild Wings bar that he missed practice and got kicked off the team. Coach wasn't having it with his Big Mouth anymore. Thats fine though. Big Mouth moved on to professional heckling and actually made a career out of it. He got paid off by the opposing team and was fed insider information to trigger a traumatic past of the pitcher. Somehow, he landed an extremely quiet & bashful lady. She liked how he didn't hold back. The other night, when her steak wasn’t cooked right- he sent that shit right back. He told the chef his apron was dumb and his mama was a buffoon. They got kicked out of Buffalo wild wings for life. But someone had to say it. He couldn’t hold back. He’s a Big Mouth.


All you can golf buffet from 9am-9pm. 

We've been making the Heritage Shorts since the beginning of time. John Daly may have actually been born wearing them. Featuring StretchTech fabric & our signature Buffet Waist. A roomy fit & new 9" inseam length.

Warning: These shorts are a gateway to being a full time Loudmouth. Once you start wearing the Heritage Shorts, you may never stop. 

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